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Jan 13    RX Open Mic f/Nova, Dallas, TX

Jan 17     Peru State College, Peru, NE

Jan 19     Everett Community College, Zoom

Jan 21     The Poetic Impulse, Dallas, TX

Jan 26     Write About Now, Houston, TX

Feb 10th RX Open Mic f/Wayne Henry, Dallas, TX

Feb 13th San Jose Poetry Slam, Zoom

Feb 15th Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Feb 16th San Diego State University, Zoom

Feb 21     Words Over Lattes, Shreveport, LA

March 10th RX Open Mic f/Gabby E, Zoom

March 15th Oakland Poetry Slam, Zoom

March 17th Right 2 Write Poetry Workshop, Zoom

March 23rd UNT Equity and Diversity Conference, Zoom

March 24th-25th BART Charter Public School, North Adams, MA

April 2nd-3rd WOWPS Virtual Slam

April 4th   Words Over Lattes, Shreveport, LA

April 5th    Claremont Colleges OBSA Alumni Panel, Zoom

April 12th BusBoys and Poets (14th & V Location)

April 13th BusBoys and Poets (5th & K Location)

April 14th BusBoys and Poets (Hyattsville, MD Location)

April 19th  Marywood University, Zoom

April 30th Pop Up Poetry Day in Dallas

May 1st    Keep The Mic On Interview, YouTube 

May 20th  Texas Instruments, Zoom

June 14th St. Phillips College, Zoom

June 14th The Grand Slam, Galveston, TX

June 15th Fossil Group, Richardson, TX

July 7th    AMOC Presents...Alex Tha Great, Dallas, TX

July 8-10  Gather Around the Throne III, Dallas, TX

July 22nd WordFest Slam, Killeen, TX

July 28th  Pitt Art of Diversity Showcase, Zoom

July 31st  PH Art of Healing Open Mic, Dallas, TX

Aug 5th  Dat Friday Flow, Killeen, TX

Sept 10th  Soul Sessions, San Antonio, TX

Sept 17-18 Oak Cliff Got Talent, Dallas, TX


Jan 2         Let That S%^& Out, IG Live

Jan 8-10   Write of Passage Slam, IG Live

Jan 14       Life Through Art, Zoom

Jan 16       RX Open Mic f/Dominique Christina, IG Live

Jan 29       University of TN Chattanooga, Zoom

Jan 30       1Hood Media Slam, Streamyard

Feb 4         Temple University Inclusive Leadership Conference, Socio

Feb 6         RX Slam f/Dasan Ahanu, IG Live

Feb 9         Occidental College, Zoom

Feb 11       Ursuline College, Zoom

Feb 19       Southern Illinois University, Zoom

Feb 20       RX Open Mic, IG Live

Feb 24       Webster University Diversity Equity and Inclusion Conference, EventMobi

Feb 24       Cazenovia College, Zoom

Feb 25       Lake Tahoe Community College, Zoom

Feb 26       Western Washington University, Zoom

March 2    St. Phillips College, Zoom

March 3    University of Nebraska Kearney

March 6    RX Slam f/Ayanna Albertson

March 11  Howard Community College

March 18  Right 2 Write Poetry Workshop, Zoom

March 20  RX Open Mic

March 22  University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Zoom

March 23  UNT Diversity & Equity Conference

March 23  Lasell University

March 24  West Shore Community College

March 25  Middlesex Community College, Zoom

March 27  1 Hood Media Slam, Streamyard

March 30  William Woods University, Zoom

April 3      RX Slam

April 15    Elizabethtown College

April 27    Middlesex Community College, Zoom


“It was great!  She educated our students on leadership and gave them prompts to reflect on their next steps as activists”

On Leadership Keynote

Bianca Thomas-Veal,

Diversity Assistant

Ursuline College

“Alex contributed to making our 25th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr celebration an excellent one.  Attendees remarked about how powerful her poems and delivery were-that they incited emotional connections and reactions to what she was reciting.  Alex seamlessly connected with the audience during her performance, which then resulted in a standing ovation at the end.  Consider having her recite her poetry at your next event-I doubt you’ll be disappointed.”

On Poetry Feature

Dr. Talia Carroll

Dir. of Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

University of Northern Colorado

“The workshop was deeply moving and thought provoking.  I had never participated in a creative writing workshop, and my students were deathly afraid to write and share…but by the end we had cried together, laughed together, and supported one another through it all.  Alex truly brought us on a journey just as she promised!”

On Writing Workshop

Andre Lynch,

Assoc. Dean of Stud. Equity & Inclusion 

Wells College

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