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15-60 min feature

Spoken word artist Alex Tha Great travels from Dallas, TX to perform poetry and share stories of family, social justice, and African American culture.  The show combines poetry, prose, authentic storytelling of familial memories and personal testimony and racially charged commentary from current events and personal life experiences.  Her identity of mother, daughter, sister, friend, black, woman, heterosexual and survivor informs her history and predates her future.  Alex’s academic background fused with her real-world experience and travels have informed her necessary coalition with people of all races and her understanding of the struggle of other marginalized peoples. Her poems touch on a wide variety of content including race, religion, love, heartbreak, politics, prejudice, peace, self-identity, and self-esteem.



Keynotes (60 mins)

  • How I've Come to Radically Love Myself

  • Follow The Leader: Recognizing Our Ancestors, Forging Our Own Paths

  • In The Emergency of the N Word, Make Sure To Use AAA

  • Ants, Rats, or Cats & Dogs: Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Self-Care

  • The Woman-Warrior In You

  • The Beautiful Discovery of Fear

Trainings (90-120 mins)

  • The Importance of Being Culturally Competent

  • Being an Effective Ally

  • S.O.S. I've Been Microaggressed

  • Conflict Resolution 


Creative Writing Facilitation (90 mins)

  • Protest Music

  • Black Joy as a Love Language

  • I'm A Woman And...

  • The Reclamation

  • Home as Space and Place

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