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Right 2 Write Poetry Slam Festival
August 31st, 2024

The Right 2 Write Poetry Slam Festival is a one day poetry fest held in Dallas, TX where 15 competitors will battle for over $3,500 total in prize money. The festival is complete with a yoga class, writing workshop, haiku battle, poetry features, networking hour, the poetry slam, and an underground slam.

2024 R2W Schedule Flyer.png
2024 R2W Schedule Flyer.png


2024 R2W Flyer.png

About R2W

$100 Registration Fee 

1st Place- $2,000

2nd Place- $1,000

3rd Place- $500 

Register to attend all events on Eventbrite:

Contact with any questions 

Make sure to follow @right2writeslamfest on IG


15 Poets will compete in the slam.

Round 1: All 15 poets will perform a 3 minute poem. 5 poets with lowest scores will be dropped.

Round 2: 10 poets will perform a 2 minute poem. The order will be from High to Low. Round 1 and Round 2 will be cumulative to determine who advances to the final round. 5 poets will be dropped based on the lowest scores.

Round 3: 5 poets will perform a 3 minute poem. There will be a new bout draw right at the start of Round 3 and the winner will be determined by the scores of Round 3 only. (so clean slate)

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